The Magic of a Flocked Christmas Tree: Why You Need One This Holiday Season

Christmas is never complete without Christmas trees. Traditionally, Christmas trees symbolize the beginning of the holiday and at the same time fill the atmosphere with the usual holiday thrills.

You probably asked yourself what a flocked Christmas Tree is. A flocked Christmas tree is a Christmas tree with snow-covered branches. Usually, the snow covers are made from white powdery mixtures.

Flocked Christmas trees are gaining more popularity with every passing year because of their natural, non-traditional look and they look more gorgeous when decorated.

Decorating a flocked Christmas tree can be very interesting and satisfying. You’d be amazed at the different ways there are to decorate your Christmas tree. Let’s get started.

Just Lights

This is perhaps the easiest way to decorate your flocked Christmas tree, especially if you prefer that your tree wears a natural look. With no ornaments or garlands, just tiny light, and a piece of fabric to represent snow bed, your tree is set.



If you want some more glistering effects, you can go for shiny brites or colored baubles. Try a blend of gold and silver, light green and dusty blue, emerald and red, such colors give your tree a traditional vintage look. Stylishly add light-colored bows or roses for a more golden look. Be careful to stick to a particular theme, too many colors put your tree under.

Red and White

Go all out, try something daring with the traditional Christmas red and white. Creatively decorate your tree with red and white baubles, ribbons pinecones, berries, and a golden bell tree topper. Neatly arrange gift boxes wrapped in red and white gift wrappers or red ribbons at the tree base.

Frosty Christmas Tree

This is probably the best idea for a white light-colored wall or a glass window. Decorate your flocked Christmas tree with sky blue ribbons, snow globes, silver baubles, and white pom-poms. Laden the branches with an artificial snowflake tree topper. Voila! Christmas is frosty.