Top Christmas Ornaments That Will Make Your Tree Stand Out

It is impossible to celebrate Christmas without a Christmas tree. And decorating it is a thousand times more interesting. While you might be looking to get more exotic ornaments this time around, we have gathered a list of simple yet elegant Christmas ornaments to use for your Christmas tree.

Vintage Paper Ornaments

The most interesting thing about these ornaments is that you can handcraft them. With a trace of a design of your choice on a cardstock, carton, or cardboard, a pair of scissors, craft knife and craft punches, ribbons, and festive papers, your ornaments are ready for use.

Northlight Christmas Ball Ornaments

Northlight ornaments come in sets. And you have the freedom of choosing the most appropriate sets for your Christmas tree.

Top 10 Christmas Ornaments That Will Make Your Tree Stand Out

Paper Snowman Ornaments

Paper snowman ornaments are great to make with kids. Make your tree look more festive with these home-crafted ornaments.

Pom-pom Ornaments

Pom-poms are a good way to make fluffy ornaments. Glue them to candy canes or sew them together using a needle and twine. Make Christmas fluffy this year.

Autumn Berry Ornaments

Made from plastic berries or beads, pinecones and twines spruce up your Christmas tree for a more natural look.

Christmas Light Ornaments

Collect your old Christmas light bulbs, detach them from their bulb holders and polish them. Tie them to your tree using ribbons or twines. You can fix colorful buttons to these bulbs for a more atypical look.

Snow Globe Ornaments

Gather your empty glass jar and fill them with artificial snows, making them feature Christmas antiques, countries, or cities. Add a touch of uniqueness to Christmas.

Sparkling Plastic Ball

Add a few sparklers to your plastic balls, hang them in the tree using ribbons and let the light do the rest.

You can carefully stash these away after Christmas or gift them out to friends next Christmas.