There are several options that you have when it comes to hanging artificial wreaths and garlands, and some are meant to add a little decor to the hanging process. For those who are decorating for the season, whether they are using these artificial wreaths and garlands for Christmas or other holidays, check out these ideas to hang these up around your home!

How to Hang Artificial Wreaths and Garlands Like a Pro!

1. The traditional way of hanging a wreath is to use a door hanger on the door that basically hangs this wreath with ease. In most cases, this is going to be silver, gold, black or even white, so you can have this blend with your door.

2. Other people find that they use Command Strips that is basically double-sided high enforced tape that is not meant to pull off paint or varnish from where you are hanging these artificial wreaths and garlands. This can be a great option when using this on the wall, or even a window that you are hanging these items into.


3. Hang the wreath with ribbon. You can make your own type of hangar with ribbon. Just be sure that you are using a thick ribbon that is going to add some more visual color to the wreath or garland. This is one way that you can change the looks slightly with just a little small step.

4. Light clips that are often meant to be hung onto the gutters for lights, are always a great way to hang the garland that you are going to be using. It is an easy way that is not going to damage the garland in any way.

Just choose the best method for the way that you want these items to hang and where they are hanging. There is no wrong way as long as this is a strong method of hanging this and no damage will happen to these artificial wreaths and garlands.